StackBlend – Full Stack Application Studio
Whatever you are a full-stack engineer or not, StackBlend helps you cope with front-end, back-end, UI/UX, and content in a single one studio. You may design the user interface right from the studio, configure their properties and data dot notations, customize server-side scripts, and get the results back on the client-side using less than 10 lines of code, where the rests are auto-generated by the studio.
Ready to deploy on Heroku + Cloudflare
It’s zero-dollar for starting new projects on Heroku and Cloudflare. With good documentation and a ton of features on the server and network stuff, they can handle a massive of concurrent traffic and gigabytes of bandwidth which can be achieved by StackBlend in less than $99 per month.
You can design your website application without leaving the code editor, with full extensive options of HTML5 and CSS3 right from the Sidebar.

StackBlend is integrated with Bootstrap to support responsive design customization and also managed to handle cross-browser compatibilities for you.
Data Modeling
StackBlend uses its Data Modelling to define data schemata for linking datasets between front-end and back-end by simply using dot notations, together with restriction options, among tables to perform CRUD.

Moreover, the dataset in-between are bonded together with the socket technology, so that they will synchronize without any extra code.
Business Logic
While using Node.JS and React.JS as a basis, you have full control of customization on the server-side and client-side by extending the main class or overriding its methods to complete all business requirements.

StackBlend also uses typed JavaScript to reduce development errors on both front-end and back-end, so that your apps will have fewer bugs.
User Experience
Your designer can retouch the user interface and user experience with a light of touch which they can preview and deploy it without needs from a developer.

Furthermore, a developer can convert any parent of elements to become a reusable component that your designer can placed them on any page, too.
StackBlend Studio is now under BSD 4-Clause License.
The BSD is a permissive free software license, imposing minimal restrictions on the use and distribution of covered software.
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BSD 4-Clause License
14 August, 2021